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John P. Kirby, MD, FCCWS, FACS

  • Associate Professor of Surgery

Medical School

MD, University of Illinois College of Medicine, 1993

Graduate School

MS, Large Animals Research and Surgical Education, Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1999

Post Doctoral Education

Residency in Surgery, University of Illinois Metropolitan Group Hospitals,  Chicago, IL, 1999

Trauma and Surgical Critical Care Fellow, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2000
Fellowship under Dr. Richard J. Fantus

Post-Graduate: eICU Training
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center—Visicu
Chicago and Oakbrook, Illinois

Designated Organ Requestor
Gift of Hope (Regional Organ Bank)
Chicago, Illinois

Board Certifications


Surgical Critical Care--Certified

Certified Wound Care Specialist, American Academy of Wound Management

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, American Board of Preventive Medicine

Honors and Awards

Physician Applause Award, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center,  Chicago, IL, 2000

Physician Excellence Star Award, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 2004

Wendi Gordon Shelist Foundation Award, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 2006

K30 Scholar, Washington Univeristy School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, 2007

Clinical Interests

Dr. Kirby specializes in trauma and acute care surgery with special interests in acute and chronic wound healing, necrotizing fasciitis, hyperbaric oxygen, system development for patient management, multisystem organ dysfunction and failure, sepsis, and shock.

Research Interests

Principal Investigator: "Effect of rMuIL-12 on the development of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus pulmonary infections in mice immunocompromised by whole body radiation," Neumedicines Subaward from Department of Health and Human Services/Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, 2012-2013.

Principal Investigator: "Phase I/II Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind Safety and Close-Determining Efficacy Clinical Trial Comparing ACCS (Amnion Dervied Cellular Cytokine Solution) in Three Differential Regimens with Standardized Care Using 0.9% NaCl (Saline) Solutions in the Topical Treatment of Partial Thickness Burns," Stemnion, 2009-2010

Co-Principal Investigator: "Mechanism of Action of rhIL-12," Neumedicines, Inc, 2013.

Foundation: Principal Investigator: "Necrotizing Fasciitis Staff & Public Education Award," Barnes-Jewish Hospital Foundation, 2010-PRESENT.

Hospital Affiliations

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Patients Seen At

Surgical and Wound Care Clinic
Barnes Center for Outpatient Health
4901 Forest Park Ave.
Floor 3, Suite 340
St. Louis, MO 63108
Fax: 314-362-5743

Contact Information

Barnes - Jewish Hospital
One Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Suite 6105
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 747-0556

Selected Publications

Shallom M, Orr JA, Mettheny N, Kirby J, Pierce J. Gastic Reflux: Association with Aspiration and Oral Secretion pH as Marker of Reflux: A Descritive Correlation Study. Dimens Crit Care Nurs. 2015 Mar-Apr;34(2):84-90.

Shallom M, Dykeman B, Metheny N, Kirby J, Pierce J. Head-of-bed elevation and early outcomes of gastric reflux, aspiration and pressure ulcers: a feasibility study. Am J Crit Care. 2015 Jan;24(1):57-66.

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Duwayri Y, Vallabhaneni R, Kirby JP, Mueller MJ, Volshteyn O, Geraghty PJ, Sicard GA, Curci JA. Early protection and compression of residual limbs may improve and accelerate prosthetic fit: a preliminary study. Ann Vasc Surg. 2012 Feb; 26(2):242-9.

Gnerlich JL, Rutter JH, Kirby JP, Mazuski JE. Simultaneous necrotizing soft tissue infection and colonic necrosis caused by Clostridium septicum. Surg Infect (Larchmt). 2011 Dec;12(6):501-6.

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Adkesson MJ, Travis EK, Weber MA, Kirby JP, Junge RE.  Vacuum-assisted closure for treatment of deep shell abscess and osteomyelitis in a tortoise.  J Am Vet Med Association 2007 Oct 15;231(8):1249-54.

Fantus RJ, Mellett MM, Kirby JP. Use of controlled fascial tension and an adhesion preventing barrier to achieve delayed primary fascial closure in patients managed with an open abdomen. American Journal of Surgery. 2006;192(2):243-247.

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Editorial Positions

Journal Reviewer

1999-Present, Journal of the American College of Surgeons


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